This is us. We met, fell in love, we share the love nature, traveling and finger licking good gelato!

With ten years of experience in running a successful gelato shop, setting up a thriving gelato factory, and a good dose of enthusiasm and creativity, we started Figlio!

When we met it felt natural to do something together work-wise. Both knowing that entrepreneurship is what makes us happy. Robbert was learnt the tricks of the trade from his mother at an early age. Mama Lia taught him how to prepare delicious gelato and they spent a lot of time in the kitchen together. For ten years, Robbert ran an incredibly successful gelato shop in The Netherlands, until he felt like a new challenge… This is when we met. Christa is a creative concept developer and passionate hobby cook, always busy with flavour combinations and a sucker for gelato and pastry. We chose logically and wholeheartedly to combine our creativity and knowledge within the gelato industry.

We started a gelato factory, which achieved great successes in a short time. We had so much fun. It became a search for the perfect ingredients and finest suppliers to work with. During this time, a very close relationship with Persapori Redolce developed. An Italian organisation that values tradition, yet is always improving. An organisation where flavour, craftsmanship and family are paramount and which we hold dear!

With years of experience and according to age-old recipes, Persapori Redulce prepares semi-finished products in Italy for the gelato- pastry- and horeca industry. With their machines for roasting and refining nuts, among other things, they bring the flavours directly from the raw materials to you. With the help of an efficient and advanced research and development laboratory they have expanded their range enormously over the years and they export all over Europe and Asia.

During our visits to Persapori Redolce in Montichiari, near the beautiful Lago di Garda, it became clear that we have a lot of confidence in each other’s working methods and the idea to join forces was born. Therefore Figlio is the first official online reseller of Persapori Redolce products! Products we have worked with happily ourselves for years and with which we like to delight others.

We also offer Figlio private label products in the shop. Products that we have conceived or put together ourselves and are made especially for us, or actually for you!

We would really like to get in touch with you personally, to share knowledge and stay informed about what is going on in your market. We are happy to look for products that meet you and your customers’ needs and taste!

Have a look in our shop! Share your experiences with us, exchange knowledge with us and let the whole world enjoy top quality gelato. Whether you have something to celebrate, to process, to give, to share or just to spoil yourself, gelato is always a good answer!

With sweet regards,

Robbert & Christa